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Take Out Hinged Containers

Choosing the Best Food Packaging Boxes for Your Business

If you own a restaurant, bakery, or any other form of food-related business, having the right food packaging boxes is key to ensuring happy customers. With the take out hinged containers from Foam Pak US, you’ll get quality you can count on. Our foam take out hinged containers are made right here in the United States and feature a convenient stackable design. These containers come in a wide range of different sizes to suit your needs, and they’re crafted of high-quality and lightweight non-absorbent foam that’s convenient and highly durable. Visit our website to browse our current inventory of these foam containers so you can explore the specs and measurements to find the option that’s best for you. We also offer a wide range of other food packaging boxes and containers including microwave-safe plastic deli containers and lids. These food-safe containers are versatile and boast sturdy construction that keeps food fresh. 

When you provide customers with quality food packaging boxes, you’re giving them the confidence they need to take their favorite dishes with them. Whether you offer delivery, carryout, or provide your customers with a way to take home their leftovers, these containers are a must-have for any food-related industry. Look for containers that come in several different options so that you have something available for everything from large to small. Bakeries should provide quality containers so that customers can take home their favorite cookies, pastries, and other baked goods. Restaurants and delis may require more sturdy containers, like our clear plastic containers with lids. These not only put your food on display, but they’re easy for consumers to re-heat the food later if they choose. Whatever type of food business you have, you can rely on Foam Pak US to provide you with an exceptional range of products, so contact us today to find out more.

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