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Finding the Right Foam Take-Out Containers for Your Business

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Finding the right foam take-out containers might be difficult, depending on your restaurant. You don't want to view it as tough, but think about why that is the case. This article will give you great tips for finding great foam take-out containers, so read on.

1. How Do You Want Your Take-Out Boxes to Look?

Before you start looking for foam take-out containers, it's important to know what type of aesthetic you're going for. For example, do you want the containers to have a modern feel? If so, explore different shapes and colors. Are you going for a more natural vibe? Then more muted colors and organic shapes might be more up your alley. Before shopping around, knowing what you want will save time, making finding the right containers for your restaurant easier.

2. How Do You Want Your Customers to Feel?

Your foam take-out containers are not only there for the customer to take their food home in, but they can also be viewed as an extension of your restaurant. For example, if you want the containers to feel eco-friendly, choose ones made from recycled materials. Maybe you've recently started a Thanksgiving special and want customers to feel like they're carrying home a part of the holiday spirit inside their take-out boxes. If so, explore different options with different patterns and designs. Think about how you want customers to feel when they open your boxes and see what's inside.

3. Does the Foam Take-Out Container Have Enough Space?

Thinking more carefully about the size of your take-out box. This is because it's more important that there's enough space inside foam containers for different food and sauces - especially if they're hot items. For example, if you serve pasta in a tomato sauce, make sure your containers are big enough to fit it all in. Additionally, if you want to include utensils and paper napkins, be sure there's enough space for these too.

4. What Are You Serving in Your Foam Take-Out Containers?

If you're serving any hot entrees like pasta or rice dishes, consider making sure your foam containers are durable enough to accommodate these types of meals. When serving anything in a sauce - like BBQ ribs or meatballs in gravy - make sure the container is deep enough to contain it. A good trick of the trade is always to test out the size of your foam take-out containers before you order them. That way, you can rest assured that everything will fit and customers won't be disappointed with what they receive.

5. Will the Foam Take-Out Container Protect Your Food?

If you're serving any particularly delicate dishes, like sushi or rice bowls, make sure your take-out container has the proper insulation. Many foamed containers have these special features - insulating foam containers can help keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold for long periods.

Make sure you know what you want your take-out container to look like and feel like before you start shopping around. Once you know that, searching for a foam container will be a breeze.

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